It has become a running joke that Florida is the epicenter of weird news, and yet another day goes by during which this seems to hold true. In recent Orlando news, an arrest was made at Lake Eola when relations between a protective parent swan and a nearby man became strained.

Sor Angel Velez apparently got too close to the mother swan and her cygnets, for which she issued a stern warning. Despite initially heeding her warning and walking off, Velez apparently thought it over and decided he didn’t appreciate being corrected by the bird. He then turned and approached her once more, this time to deliver a punch to the unsuspecting mother swan.

It was then that the 59-year-old transient began to flee the area, but his efforts were rapidly halted by a couple of off-duty officers who gave chase. Velez was arrested and pleaded no contest to socking the swan. He was then sentence to spend 10 days in the Orange County jail for injuring wildlife on public property and has been banned from the park.

Though it has been reported that the young swans have not been seen since the attack, their mother is doing fine.

Image by Gina Sanders

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2 thoughts on “Florida Man Punches Swan, Gets 10 Days in Jail

  1. These hispanicos really take the cake when it comes to animal welfare issues. Go to any of their turd world hispanic speaking countries and you you will horrendous issues about how they treat animals, everywhere! Not helped by their childish attitude of macho-chauvinistic bombastic attitudes!

  2. If the photo in the story is the same swan, it is an invasive swan, the mute swan. These are considered a nuisance animal by the Feds and many are killed every year by state and tribal agencies. But still no reason too injure it with young.

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