A great way to enjoy the water is by snorkeling. Provided you have access to a body of water that is reasonably clear, you can lay eyes on some amazing sights beneath the surface.

One of the challenges with snorkeling is adjusting to the mask and mouthpiece, as well as dealing with fogging and leaks that inhibit your ability to see. You also have to factor in breathing via your mouth through the snorkel, which does have some limitations and may result in a flooded tube.

To overcome some of these known snorkeling issues, a new product known as the H2O Ninja Mask is hitting the market. In order to help users breathe naturally instead of through a cumbersome tube, the mask offers a closed dry top snorkel that attaches to the upper portion. The mask itself is wide so that your periphery is not compromised, and you can take in all there is to see in the aquatic world around you. Additionally, this product is fog-free and shatter-free, and it bears a back-up drain valve should some water slip into the mask.

Best of all, this mask comes with an optional GoPro mount so that while you’re out there making memories, you can record the awesome things you’re sure to see. Because the H20 Ninja Mask also promises increased snorkel time, there is sure to be plenty of time to capture your glimpse into life below the waves.

Check out the video below and see if life as a marine ninja is the life for you.

Image is screenshot from YouTube video

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