What is the oldest thing you’ve ever eaten? There are probably plenty of canned goods or crackers in your pantry that have been left there for years. You probably wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.

Well, this man ate a cracker from 1863. Yes, a cracker that is 153 years old and was around during the time of Lincoln. We’re not sure, but this has to set some kind of record. YouTube’s Steve1989, who is already known for eating some pretty old things (such as army rations from 1955), decides to tackle this hardtack cracker from the American Civil War. Hardtack crackers are simple concoctions of flour and salt, and they are notorious for how long they can last—and how bad they taste. These crackers were made primarily as a survival ration and are still popular in some places today, including Alaska. Civil War re-enactors have been know to purchase old hardtack crackers for an added sense of authenticity.

However, it’s practically unheard of for one to be eaten a century and a half after it was made. That’s enough time for the cracker to harden like a rock, and attempting to bite one may just chip your teeth. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t taste very good. Steve1989 even managed to rehydrate one for consumption. As expected, it does not turn out great.

Steve also mentioned in a previous video that he does not have health insurance. We really hope for his sake that he has some kind of coverage by now, especially seeing his diet of MREs older than his parents.

Image screenshot of video by Steve1989 MREinfo on YouTube

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