It’s a fact that we have to share nature with dangerous animals. Whether it is by land or by sea, there could come a time when we run across a creature that is wired in such a way that it does not want us around.

Sadly, 38-year-old Brad Treat lost his life just outside of Glacier National Park in the Flathead National Forest when he crossed paths with what is thought to be a grizzly bear. The bear, apparently struck by Treat while he was riding at high speed on a narrow trail, knocked Treat from his bike and then attacked. A second biker was not harmed.

Wildlife officials initially conducted a search for the responsible bear, but it has since been called off. Officials believe the bear was simply responding in a defensive mode, and it could have been a sow protecting cubs. The bear didn’t return to the scene of the attack.

The area of the attack is closed until further notice.

Image is screenshot from YouTube video

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