This is an age-old matchup that the bow probably hasn’t won since muzzleloaders were invented. Just don’t let any amateur historians catch you saying that, or they might be liable to chew your ear off with all the reasons why it wasn’t until much later that firearms truly surpassed bows in modern warfare.

However, with all that modern technology has to offer, can the bow stage a comeback? In this hypothetical test, Demolition Ranch’s Matt takes on Lucas from for a one-on-one battle of supremacy. This side-by-side competition mostly focuses on accuracy at different ranges, and just to make it sporting, Matt will be wielding an iron-sighted .44 Magnum; a Taurus Raging Bull to be exact, a revolver that holds a reputation for being a handcannon, but not exactly one that boosts pinpoint accuracy at long distances.

Who do you think will win this contest? Both competitors admit that the experiment doesn’t really have any conclusions—beyond who is the better shot with their preferred weapon. After all, firearms are only as accurate as their users.

Image screenshot of video by ArcheryTalk on YouTube

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