Gamo Outdoor SL announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Daisy Outdoor Products, the iconic manufacturer of some of America’s most beloved BB guns.

“We cannot begin to express the excitement we feel with the addition of Daisy to our family of shooting and outdoor brands,” stated Keith Higginbotham, President of Gamo Outdoor USA, in a press release.  “We believe this to be a great relationship with complementary brands. Gamo’s roots run deep in the outdoors, while Daisy is a part of Americana. We both share a passion for the shooting sports and are excited for the future, with a vision to grow the Daisy brand and recreational shooting for generations to come.”

Not many know that Daisy was first founded in 1882 as the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company, a windmill and windmill parts manufacturer. In fact, Daisy only began manufacturing BB guns as part of a promotion when customers received a BB gun with each windmill purchase. Eventually, the demand for the BB guns far eclipsed Daisy’s windmill business and the company switched over to producing BB and air guns exclusively. Following a comment from General Manager Lewis Cass Hough, who remarked that the guns shot like a “daisy,” the company rebranded itself and changed its name. Its line of Red Ryder BB guns is arguably one of—if not the single most—recognizable BB guns in the world.

You can see a commercial for the BB gun below:

“This is the beginning of the next exciting chapter in Daisy’s history,” stated Joe Murfin, Vice President of Public Relations at Daisy. “We look forward to building on the equity of this well-loved brand and embracing new leadership and products which will enhance our ability to satisfy the needs of our retail customers, our Daisy consumers and our investors.”

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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