There are few things more frustrating than realizing the day of your big fishing trip that your license is expired. That’s what the PURSUIT app aims to eliminate.

The PURSUIT app is a hunting and fishing mobile utility tool, which makes buying or renewing hunting and fishing licenses easier. Through the app users can save all of their licenses, and the app will remind when when they are about to expire. If your state permits it, you can buy and renew licenses through the app or keep your digital copies of licenses right in your pocket.


In addition to license features the PURSUIT app also has a number of innovative mapping features. Users can drop annotations and take location-based field notes for review months or years down the road. By using the app you can make sure that you keep track of all your fishing spots or buck scrapes in one convenient space. Is your hunting or fishing spot a secret? Well, you don’t have to worry about spilling the beans with the PURSUIT app since everything is automatically private. However, if you want to share scouting data or fishing locations with friends or family it’s still just a few clicks away.spotrecord


If you are an angler or hunter this app is definitely worth checking out. The PURSUIT app lets you focus on the things you love instead of dealing with expired licenses and lost hunting and fishing spots. You can download the app right now in the iTunes store, and it should be available for android users in the near future as well.

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