Where can you find pork brains, porridge, jerky, and cherry tea together? In none other than a Spetsnaz 24-Hour Mountain Ration.

YouTuber Steve1989 MREinfo is back with another interesting MRE review. This time he got his hands on a Spetsnaz 24-Hour Mountain Ration. The pack contains a huge variety of food choices, including the following:

  • pork liver pâté
  • pork brain pâté
  • 60g sugar
  • five chocolate bars
  • water purification tablets
  • vitamins
  • nut and apricot bar
  • coffee and tea
  • apple jelly
  • minced sausage
  • beef porridge
  • beef goulash with potatoes
  • five packs of crackers
  • cherry drink mix
  • chocolate hazelnut spread
  • three packs of muesli

If that seems like a ton of food, it’s because it is. In total, the entire package contains more than 5,000 calories that Russian Special Forces would certainly need during 24-hour operations. Also, while the contents of the MRE might seem a little odd, the reviewer found this to be one of the most enjoyable rations he has tried to date. Considering he also ate a Civil War ration, that might not be a ringing endorsement.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Video: Eating a 5,000-Calorie Russian Special Forces MRE

  1. During basic training my caloric intake hovered around five thousand calories and I lost weight . Intense combat requirements at Artic temperatures could easily require this kind of food intake .

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