Video: When a Bull Elk Bugles in Your Face


Smells like someone needs some mouthwash. This video uploaded recently by Jay Scott Outdoors reminds us that caution is needed when using cow calls, especially when you end up only a few feet away from a very hormonal bull elk. Hunters often remark that bull elk practically have blinders on during the rut. That’s because a bull’s first priority is finding a cow, and most of the time he couldn’t care less that he’s sharing the woods with a bunch of strange-looking humans.

You can pinpoint the exact moment in this video when the bull recognizes Scott, who quickly defuses the situation by speaking to it calmly. Rut-crazed bulls are not exactly the most predictable animals in the world, so this kind of scenario can get real dangerous, real fast.

“It was too close,” Scott said near the end of the video.

We couldn’t agree more, but it offered a neat experience. And he didn’t get stepped on, which was also nice.

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