Video: Killer Whale Destroys Seal on Shore


Orcas, a.k.a. killer whales, are the oceans’ apex predators. They prey on just about anything, from seabirds to whales. And at least once, this largest member of the dolphin family, is known to have attacked, killed, and presumably consumed, a moose that was swimming across a saltwater bay.

Seals and sea lions are among the orca’s favorite snacks, and across their range, they’ve developed a number of hunting techniques, including nearly beaching themselves to nab a seal trying to escape onto dry land.

The folks who shot this video clip recently saw it happen before their eyes. As amazing as the scene was, we can’t help wonder about the guy who charges the orca as it makes its exit. Orcas hunt in packs; he’s lucky another didn’t mistake him for a seal.

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