Video: Why NOT to Propose in Class IV Rapids


Love makes people do the strangest things. At times those actions turn out for the best, but certainly not always. When choosing to do something in the name of love, it is a good idea to exercise caution, especially handling a pricey diamond ring while whitewater rafting.

While most people might not think whitewater rafting and proposing to the love of your life naturally go together, Jesse Puryear saw things differently. While traversing Class IV rapids, he decided to get down on one knee and pop the question. The ring, at one time affixed to his life jacket, soon after slipped away and nearly wound up in Tennessee’s Ocoee River.

After some tense moments and a bit of panic, the ring was located before taking a plunge into the water below. Puryear’s face was likely just as white as the rapids for that bit of time the ring was thought lost, but all’s well that ends well, making this a happy engagement memory for everyone.

Once the proposal and ring location ceremony was complete, the ring was passed to the guide for safekeeping in a storage container at the back of the raft. Hopefully it remained there until the duo once again reached dry land.

By the way, Alexandra, the recipient of the extreme proposal, said “yes.” Congrats to the happy couple!

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