Video: Pro Anglers Perform Amazing Feats of Accuracy


Watching an elite-level bass fishing tournament on television can show you how well top anglers know how to catch fish, but it doesn’t give you a true sense of the mad skills these guys have to develop in order to get to the top.

Fortunately, this Facebook video showing 2016 Bassmaster Classic Champion Edwin Evers and 2009 Classic Champ Skeet Reese engaged in a friendly flippin’ shoot-out, illustrates the deadly accuracy top-level anglers possess.

Evers posted the clip after he and Reese visited the offices of General Tire to shoot videos for the company’s new ad campaign. The humorous video series depicts what 9-to5 office life might be like for two professional fishermen.

In this one, called “Trick Shots,” the anglers roamed the halls, calling their shots, and as Evers mentioned in his post, “no coffee mug was safe.”

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