Video: Kangaroo Gets Head Stuck in Bag, Rams Car


Try explaining this one to your insurance. If we had to wager however, we would probably bet that kangaroo-related auto accidents are not unusual in Australia. This encounter apparently happened near Serpentine Falls in Serpentine National Park, Western Australia. A park visitor noticed a kangaroo got stuck in what appeared to be an empty bag of chips and decided to record its antics for posterity. He probably should have done better to remove the bag right away, since the confused marsupial ends up ramming the cameraman’s car in its confusion.

Talk about instant karma. At least the damage appears to be superficial.

The cameraman later wrote that he would’ve helped the trapped animal sooner, but was wary of getting kicked by the other kangaroo in the area. This is a pretty common danger when approaching kangaroos, especially larger ones, so it is not exactly recommended.

Lastly, a couple of viewers have suggested that creature is actually a swamp wallaby. However, it looks more like a small western grey kangaroo, which at their peak can grow up to 6.6 feet high. Getting rammed by an adult would leave quite the dent in your car.

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