4-Year-Old Fisherman Catches Giant Walleye on Toy Rod


Little fishermen in the making don’t always get the best gear with which to learn. It could be that their learning tools are instead more toys than anything, but that doesn’t mean you should count them out. Case in point is 4-year-old Tristan Evans who reeled in a fish most adults would be proud to call their own.

While on a fishing trip at Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado, Tristan was decked out in a Spiderman life jacket and fishing with a Spiderman rod. What was unbeknownst to his dad was that, similar to Spiderman, Tristan had his own special sense when it came to lure selection.

“He kept bugging me to tie on this swimbait so he could fish with it,” Colin Evans, Tristan’s father, told Colorado Outdoors. “I think he really wanted to use this bait because it resembled a real fish. Finally, I gave in and tied the bait on with a giant hook and let him at it.”

Soon after the cast was made, Tristan declared he had something on the line. Despite being skeptical at first, his dad quickly got excited when he realized Tristan had hooked something big. The duo worked together to get the fish in the boat with Tristan reeling and Colin grabbing a nearby net to hoist the 28-inch walleye.

The fish, which was measured and released, was long enough to qualify Tristan for the Colorado’s Master Angler Recognition Program. This makes him a Master Angler at only 4 years old. It just goes to show it’s not the size of the Spiderman fishing rod that matters, but how you use it.

Congrats, Tristan, on your big catch!

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