Video: Man Goes Subwinging with Killer Whales


Part of what makes our waters so enjoyable is the species with which we share them. Depending on whom your ocean buddies wind up being, your adventure could be placid, scary – or just plain awesome.

On a recent trip to the Norwegian Sea, one man got to experience killer whales up close and personal. Embarking on a subwinging journey, he was able to dive with orcas in their natural environment. Although some might argue that being dressed in a wetsuit has a tendency to make you look like a tasty morsel such as a seal, the orcas simply swam along peacefully with their visitor.

The Subwing is a device that originated in Norway at the hands of Simon Sivertsen. A specialized wing is affixed to a boat then towed behind by a rope as you hang on, manipulating the wing to dive and surface as your breathing needs dictate. Although subwinging sounds like a high-speed adventure, quite the opposite is true. In fact, due to water density, you don’t have to go all that fast to get the sensation of speed.

In other words, if killer whales wanted to catch and eat you, they certainly could. Luckily this pod was happy to chill with a new swim buddy instead of having him as a snack.

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