Litters of Mountain Lion Kittens Born near Los Angeles


If fuzzy little kittens top the list of things you find cute, then the Santa Susana Mountains have just the thing for you! Recently discovered by The National Park Service near Los Angeles were two litters of mountain lion kittens.

The litters, comprised of two males and three females, were located via transmissions from their mothers’ GPS collars. This enabled researchers to pinpoint the exact areas where each mom was holing up. Upon showing up there, they were greeted by the tiny, hissing kittens.

The first litter was born to a 6-year-old female referred to as P-35, and her two female kittens were ear tagged as P-48 and P-49. The second litter belongs to a 5-year-old mother known as P-39. Her female cub is known as P-51, and the two males are P-50 and P-52. DNA testing will be done to confirm paternity, but another mountain lion outfitted with a GPS collar actually spent time with both of the females. P-38 is thought to be the proud papa pending test results.

These kittens are already showing feisty attitudes!

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