An incredibly well-placed shot by a sheriff’s deputy in Aurora, Colorado, may have saved his life after an attempted robbery earlier this year. New details about the case were released recently that revealed an extraordinary set of circumstances, and a shot that nearly defies belief. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, deputy Jose Marquez was in the parking lot of his girlfriend’s condo, in plain clothes, when he was approached by two masked men who attempted to rob him back in January. As one of the men revealed his weapon, Marquez drew his own gun as well, but not before receiving two gunshots in the abdomen and shoulder, fracturing a rib and causing internal organ damage. The deputy returned fire, striking one of the suspects in the leg, and miraculously, also sent a bullet straight through the barrel of the suspect’s handgun, putting it out of commission. Not only that, but the bullet actually traveled up the barrel of the handgun to impact a cartridge still in the chamber.

“This collision rendered the .40 caliber pistol temporarily inoperable,” stated the district attorney’s office in its investigation.

ABC 7 reported that Marquez fell unconscious shortly afterwards, but not before both of the suspects had fled.

“I’m not dying today. Not today. Any other day, maybe. It’s not my time yet,” the deputy later told investigators, who found that the shooting was justified in self defense.

Investigators also found that the suspects had fired upwards of 12 shots, while Marquez squeezed off four in the close-range encounter. One of the suspects, Jahlil Meshesha, was arrested in connection with the crime and charged with multiple felonies, including attempted murder, assault, and felony menacing. He was shot in the leg during the encounter.

According to the Denver Post, police found a black mask, firearm, and stolen car in a nearby lot that was associated with Meshesha. Officials are currently tracking down the identity of the second suspect believed to be involved in the attack, but have not released any names.

Authorities say they do not believe that Marquez was specifically targeted because of his role as a police officer. The recent and tragic killings of law enforcement in Dallas and Baton Rouge highlighted just how much danger officers are in on a daily basis. Not to mention that current tensions and protests against what some call “systemic police brutality” have some officers on edge. Investigators say that there were no credible threats against Marquez at the time of the shooting.

“He has received no threats from anyone and has had no recent issues with anyone, personally or professionally, that (could) be linked to this shooting,” investigators concluded. “He had no road rage incidents and had never seen the two males before.”

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10 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Bullet into Suspect’s Gun, a “One in a Billion” Shot

  1. Other than the bizarre shot the officer made, another point to make, an elephant in the room as it were, is that at the time of his assault Jose was, to all intents and purposes, just an everyday Joe, or Jose as it were, who was forced, in moments, to defend his life. He wasn’t responding to a call, he was in plain clothes, heading out to his car to grab something not unlike your ordinary, everyday run o’ the mill American might do.

    And then Deputy Marquez suddenly found himself in a predicament for which I’m sure he thanks God he was carrying a means of self-defense. The point is this is yet another ringing endorsement both for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for self-defense, but also for concealed carry.

    I’m always happy to hear when things go south for the perpetrator and another armed citizen comes out on top. The tenants of other dwellings in that neighborhood should be thankful it was an armed citizen that was able to rise to the occasion instead of an unarmed individual for whom it would have, most certainly, gone radically different.

    As the saying goes, I carry a gun because a cop won’t fit in my pocket. Obviously, Jose is wise enough to realize that even he doesn’t have time to call the cops when he is left with only seconds to respond to an armed and dangerous threat.

    1. You’ll never convince the left of the importance of guns. They fear everything, except the very thing that will ultimately destroy them. Their grinning comrades in the socialist and communist parties of America.

      1. The left has never been shot o Rd shot at with no one to protect them. Never been pinned down under gun fire.with or with out a gun. Screw what they think. I don’t always use a gun for protection. I am 6 2 tall 290 lbs.move like a linebacker. Hit ever harder.will use anything I can grab. Hav ex been in riots on fit control.never got a scratch on me. Busted up plenty of punks. Have earned a few accommodation awards. Just protecting the public.

      2. I am beginning to think it is not hatred of guns that drives anti-gun liberals . Over the last few years I have talked to many who espouse total passivity and cooperation in criminal or terrorist confrontations . One in particular got irate at the idea of resistance ,he said that would get everybody else killed . It strikes me that he subscribed to the herd mentality , if you go into a group the predator will kill others first ,giving you a higher chance of survival . He also was extremely derisive of those who go to danger to aid others . I am convinced his flight , not fight attitude left him somewhat ashamed , and that , he turned to hatred . That self loathing , hatred of bravery seems a common trait of anti-gun ,anti-police ,liberals .

  2. It is refreshing to read an article regarding a shooting incident; and not have to put up with that stupid phrase of, “gun violence.” I am sick to my stomach over a bunch of nitwits from liberal newspapers, propaganda news tv and radio, to NBA puppets; reciting in concert, “gun violence.” These willing dolts are nothing but shills for their democrat socialist masters. Yet, they are either too blind; or too dumb to see that they are being used!

    1. Knife violence is a stabbing, fist violence is assault, gun violence is a shooting. No matter what you call it, it’s violence that is committed with the assistance of a gun.

  3. That cool shot.i pray you recover in full wellness. I am a shooting and recuer. I donot go any where with our my .45 .big bang big hurt to the recievers. We are basically living in wild west times with all the outlaws packing. I m ok with that.i protect my self and family. And will back any officer in a shooting. I know they don’t want us too. But I will.i call it rescue.what ever means necessary. God bless.

  4. Ever notice when something really good happens Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson run and hide…….. Could be because stories like this are posted on the back pages of a news paper.
    And that’s why ” black lives ” don’t matter.

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