Testicle Biting Pacu Caught in Michigan Lake


An angler fishing Michigan’s Lake St. Clair recently got the surprise of his life when he reeled in a large South American pacu—a fish that has gained a reputation for crunching and consuming…well…testicles!

The pacu is a distant cousin to the piranha, but can grow to weigh 50 pounds. And unlike its meat-eating kin the pacu is a vegetarian, eating plants as well as fruit and nuts that fall from bankside trees. It possesses a set of human-like teeth, with which it’s able to crack tree nuts and mash fruit.

Its impressive set of crushers has no doubt lent credence to stories of the fish mistaking human testicles for a waterlogged Brazil nut and inflicting the cruelest of injuries. Several informed sources, however, have debunked that myth, saying there have been no credible reports of it ever happening.

Still, we’re going to pass on skinny dipping in Lake St. Clair for a while.

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