Video: Ridiculously Powerful Pistol Size Pneumatic Arrow Launcher


Pneumatic arrow shooters are the latest thing for folks who like to send fletched projectiles downrange. Generally called an “airbow,” such a device looks more like a long gun than archery tackle and uses compressed air to accurately launch a hollow arrow at deadly speeds and distances.

Jorge Sprave, creator of YouTube’s “The Slingshot Channel,” and long-time Outdoor Hub friend, has gone one step farther by downsizing the apparatus. In this video for his popular channel the former electronics designer introduces a home-built handgun-size version of an airbow, along with custom made arrows, and demonstrates its incredible power with his customary “coconut test.”

Still not satisfied, Sprave then unveils a derringer-class model. And though the flight characteristics of the miniature arrows are a bit shaky, the sound they make when they hit the target reveals that power is not at all an issue.

What might be more amazing than all the creative weapons Sprave, who resides in Germany, has built, is that fact that he does it without treading on that country’s strict “gun laws,” has he calls them.

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