Video: How to Start a Fire in a Crisis with a Plastic Baggie


Being able to quickly and efficient get a fire started is one of the most important skills an outdoor enthusiast can have. Not only can a fire kill bacteria in drinking water and give you a warm meal to eat, but the heat it provides can save your life.

Not everyone who sets out into the wilderness makes plans for a long stay. It could be that you’re not anticipating a long trek, so you pack light, leaving with only a little bit to drink and perhaps a snack in a plastic baggie. Though this absence of fire starting tools could be your detriment, that snack bag can actually serve a secondary and potentially lifesaving purpose.

By placing water in your baggie and twisting it into a sphere shape, you can use it in combination with the sun’s rays to create a fire. You will have to do some prep work initially, such as grinding up dried tree bark and locating dead grass as well as appropriately sized kindling. Bring it all together for the end result of a fire that can sustain you.

Next time you set off into the woods for a day trip, remember that anything can happen, creating a situation where your return doesn’t occur as timed. Being prepared at all times is essential, but if you ever slip up and find yourself with just a baggie and some water, at the very least you’ll be able to stay warm thanks to this technique.

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