Four-Year-Old is a Cast Netting Phenom


Any saltwater angler will tell you that throwing a cast net to collect live bait for the day’s fishing is a task that requires both great skill and physical endurance.

Moor Fishing Charters operates out of Holmes Beach, Florida, and from this recent clip posted on the outfit’s Facebook page, 4-year-old Kellan is on his way to becoming a world-class cast netter. Good form and style, and great distance for someone who’s only 43, or so, inches tall.

If you don’t know the art of cast netting, the goal is to throw a perfect “pancake,” where the net is totally flat when it hits the water. Capt. Justin Moore’s on-tape exclamation illustrates the point, though it does sound as if he’s seen the young man do it before.

Better still, and more importantly, the kid hauls in a good whack of bait.

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