Florida Diver Removes Nearly 700 Poisonous Lionfish


The Florida Lionfish Challenge is a contest to remove the most invasive lionfish from local waterways. One Florida man, David Garrett, has a clear lead in the contest with 684 caught to date. Impressively, David Garrett managed to remove all of those lionfish in less than 3 months.

As part of the Lionfish Challenge, Florida residents are entered into a prize raffle for every 50 lionfish they remove. Those prizes include:

Fishing licenses

Lionfish harvesting equipment

Fuel cards

Dive tank refills

Lifetime Fishing License

Florida residents are making are also trying to make the best out of their lionfish invasion by eating them. While complicated to filet, lionfish are delicious when prepared properly.

When life gives you lemons, use them to season your lionfish nuggets.

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