Video: Manatee Tries to Steal Stand Up Paddle Board


A widely enjoyed water activity is stand up paddle boarding. So enjoyable is it that everyone wants to get in on the fun, even unlikely participants such as manatees.

On a recent paddle boarding excursion in Jupiter, Florida, Celine Chasteen had an up close and personal manatee encounter. At one point a friendly sea cow appears, seemingly trying to commandeer her board, placing first one and then later a second flipper atop it. Chasteen laughs gleefully nearby, trying to stay out of the animal’s way as a friend captures the encounter on video.

“We were going along the coast and I saw what I thought were rocks, but then they started moving,” Chasteen told The Dodo. “The next thing I know, there’s a manatee putting his flippers on my board.”

After a few brief moments, the manatee departed, leaving behind only video memories. While the encounter was certainly unique, do keep in mind that manatees are a protected species. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation with one of these marine mammals, admire them all you want but keep your hands to yourself.

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