Video: Epic Boat Launch Fails in Alaska


Anyone who’s launched or retrieved a fishing boat in wind and waves can sympathize with these guys. Water coming over the transom can swamp you. Or, worse, the boat goes broadside against the beach.

It’s usually only an occasional challenge in most places, but not on Alaska’s Cook Inlet, where this clip was recorded. It’s a kind of place where hip boots and chest waders are everyday wear, and we’re guessing, there is a definite lack of concrete boat ramps.

Though we can’t be sure, judging by the number of truck-and-trailer rigs parked on the beach, the immense size of the haul-out vehicle and the seemingly endless quantity of helping hands available, it appears that this process is standard-operating-procedure. The anglers’ apparent acceptance that a 25% success rate is satisfactory is another giveaway.

One benefit we can see is that this procedure eliminates the need to hand-scrape barnacles off the hull. Still, it doesn’t matter if you are coming in or going out, these are some of the most jaw-dropping boat launch fails ever to be caught on camera.

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