Rare Moose Triplets in Michigan


A rare sight to see is a moose with multiple calves. Although twins are possible, they are rather unusual. What is far more uncommon than even twins, however, are triplets, yet a scouting camera placed in Isle Royale National Park north of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula recently caught just that.

According to the Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale Facebook page, the image of a cow moose was captured on a scouting camera. Beside her were three calves, although it is unclear if they are young she bore on her own or if perhaps she may have adopted one or more from another cow. Despite both of these scenarios being possible, both are also extremely rare.

Multiple moose births in Isle Royale in particular are not unusual, however. During the 2016 annual moose count, which is conducted aerially and covers 91 plots that are each 1 square kilometer, three sets of twins were located. In fact, the moose population as a whole is thriving in Isle Royale National Park, quite possibly in direct correlation to the declining wolf population, which is thought to number as low as only two wolves at this time.

Moose numbers on the Lake Superior archipelago currently hover at 1,250. Without the wolf as a natural predator, not only are moose numbers likely to continue rising, but calves such as this trio have a greater chance of surviving to contribute young of their own to the population in time.

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