Video: Thieving Raccoon Tries to Steal Compost Bin


Raccoons, like many burglars, have a simple system. If you can’t get it open on the spot, you might as well drag it home with you. However, there probably aren’t a lot of thieves who are willing to haul something several times their size and weight. The cameraman who filmed the below video managed to catch a raccoon trying to steal his compost bin in broad daylight. Surely the raccoon smelled something interesting inside, but trying to get it open proved to be too much. After to failing to crack it open, the industrious critter attempts to take it—slowly—back to its den.

This raccoon doesn’t mind an audience either. Raccoons that have become familiar with humans usually don’t, and the simple presence of a human is unlikely to scare it away. Experts say that homeowners could use loud noises, flashing lights, or certain strong odors to scare the animals away safely. Failing that, you could always check on whether it’s legal to hunt raccoons in your area. Many places list raccoons as a nuisance animal, which under certain conditions, the animal can be taken without a hunting permit.

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