Re-entering the outdoor-lifestyle after a paralyzing injury is an incredible challenge, and one that some people never overcome. A number of battery-powered trackchairs that allow injured sportsmen go off-road have been developed, but the drawback has always been that they require the person to transfer from their push- or powerchair into the trackchair—a feat that can’t always be done without help.

Howe and Howe Technologies, a company in Waterboro, Maine, that designs and builds specialized tracked vehicles for the military, as well as police and emergency services departments, took on that challenge and created the Ripchair 3.0. They call it the “Ultimate Powerchair Upgrade” because it allows the user to lock his or her personal power- or pushchair into the frame, and take off for places they could never reach otherwise. On top of that, it uses a 30 hp, 4-stroke gas engine as a power source, so there’s no worry about batteries dying in the field.

Recently the company and its some of its employees rallied in support of one of their own, Ripchair salesman Tony Tulo. Watch this heartwarming video to see how one of man’s inventions can so dramatically change a person’s life.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Video: Wheelchair-ATV You Have to See to Believe

  1. My Insurance Company “Baulks” at Paying $2-K for a Wheelchair? Let Alone one that Costs almost $40-K…

  2. Maybe they don’t have them in Maine yet, but in the Midwest, there is existing technology that looks pretty much like this thing. It’s called a Bobcat skidloader. I know, not quite as sexy sounding as “The Ripchair”, but you could get a good used one for a lot less than 40k, and equipped with crawler tracks, it will pretty much take you anywhere you want to go. They even come with a backup warning system. Bonus–if you leave the bucket on, you could have yourself a goose hunting pit blind in pretty short order, and you could carry a ton of equipment in it. When you aren’t hunting, it would come in handy for loading manure on the spreader. Howe and Howe seems to be in the business of making solutions in search of a problem. Understandable, as they must have a fairly well-ingrained government contractor mindset by now.

  3. I could really go for something based on DVT Shredder Motorized Personal Track Vehicle. Preferably with an Electric Motor and a Tesla Battery Pack. A LOT more Compact, and at least it gets me through the Heaviest Snow…

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