Fishing Reel Dream Home Hits Market in Oklahoma


Being able to live in a fancy home is something that appeals to many people. However, there is a difference between the house of your dreams and converting your dream into a house. R.D. Hull was someone who did the latter.

Hull, a watchmaker who hailed from Texas, hired an architect named Cecil Stanfield to create a house in the image of a reel he created in the 1940s. This reel, a Zebco, was designed to make casting and retrieving easier than the fixed-spool spinning reels in use at that time and was guaranteed never to backlash.

The world’s first spincast reel was born in 1949, but the house didn’t come to be until 1970. Located on the northeast side of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the town of Catoosa, the house recently hit the market for a cool $6 million. The 12,620-square-foot house boasts features such as an indoor swimming pool, retro architectural styling, two aquariums, and hand-carved accents. It also has a total of 43 doors throughout and requires 10 air conditioning units to keep it comfortable.

Reel House 2 7-27-16

Best of all, if you get tired of life inside a fishing reel replica, a short walk outside provides you with an opportunity to drop the real thing in a pond just beyond any one of the property’s doors. More photos of this amazing house are shown below.

Reel House 3 7-27-16

Reel House 4 7-27-16

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