Video: Great White Shark Steals Angler’s Striped Bass


It is a great feeling to get your fishing mojo back after it has been absent for a spell. The feeling of being back on your game is a good one, at least until a shark steps in and steals your catch.

Stephen Lamb had exactly this experience while fishing with his wife, Linda, in Chatham, Massachusetts. As he excitedly reeled in a striped bass with Linda’s wholehearted support, the two got a surprise neither expected, that being a hungry great white shark.

The shark made its move in pursuit of the fish, and Linda’s joy quickly turned to fear as she suddenly decided she did not want to be on the water after all. Stephen, on the other hand, got a good laugh out of the whole thing. “I was happy to lose the fish that way,” he said to 7 News Boston. “You lose fish all the time, but if a shark got a meal out of it, that was great.”

Despite this being the second shark he’s seen in recent weeks, Stephen reports that Linda has overcome her initial fear and is ready to return to the water with hopes of seeing a shark once again.

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