Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you know that presidential politics are in high gear thanks to the Republican National Convention (RNC) last week in Cleveland, and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this week in Philadelphia.

And with all of the speeches and the cheering and yes, even the crying, those of us who watch the conventions on TV or online begin to draw conclusions based on what we see and hear. And with that in mind, it’s probably a good idea – though shouldn’t really be necessary – to provide some context regarding who you see in the crowd at these events.

Make sure you’re sitting down because this statement might shock you: Bradley Cooper is not in the United States military. He is not an American sniper.

Just because you saw Cooper in the crowd at the DNC doesn’t mean he’s suddenly turned his back on the Republican Party. He was never at the party to begin with. Cooper is an actor. Or stated another way, Bradley Cooper isn’t the same person as Chris Kyle.

Are there some Hollywood celebrities who align themselves with the Republican party? Certainly. Are there some who use guns in their personal life for protection, recreational shooting and hunting? Absolutely.

Republicans shouldn’t be upset if Bradley Cooper appears at the DNC. And Democrats shouldn’t be surprised if next week James Earl Jones decides to attend a picnic in a park.

That’s not Darth Vader sitting on a blanket eating potato salad. And Star Wars wasn’t filmed in space.

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5 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper Appears at DNC and Angers some Republicans

  1. We still live in a free society (for now ) and in a free society choice is a commodity other nations don’t have,we as free men should respect those choices whether or not we agree is to no consequence.

  2. Why anyone would expect any actor to be incapable of being other than roles he plays is somewhat puzzling to me . Seriously , would you expect an actor who plays ” Superman ” to fly ?

  3. No one should be surprised that someone who lifts money out of the pockets of suckers by “acting” would be smiling and clapping while Hilliary was up on stage screeching and cawwing in front of that alternate universe freak show. Fish like that swim in schools.

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