Video: Bear Mistakes Garbage Truck for Meals on Wheels


As humans, we like to ride in style. We pick out big trucks and fast cars, customizing them to cater to our tastes and show off our personalities. While most wild animals can’t necessarily say the same, there is at least one bear out there that seems to have a preferred ride, that being a garbage truck.

Since food is a top priority as far as bears are concerned, what better way to get around than on a rolling buffet? One bear in Los Alamos, New Mexico, decided to give this a try, incorporating both travel and sustenance into its day after hitching a ride on a garbage truck travelling nearby.

Volunteer firefighter Caleb Johnson captured the event on video, which had a happy ending as the truck backed up to a tree and the bear disembarked. The driver then pulled off to continue his route with no one – bear or human – being harmed in the process.

Throughout the ordeal, the bear seemed to stay calm, remaining fairly still atop its waste wagon, although it is certainly preferred that the bear take its next meal sans wheels.

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