Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his blunt, bullying style as he critiques fellow chefs and their establishments on his Fox Network television shows, Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

True to form in this YouTube video, the chef pulls no punches when he talks about the British public’s lack of appetite for conger eels. Congers are plentiful along the Atlantic Ocean’s eastern coastline. They can reach weights of more than 100 pounds, and their flesh is quite tasty, according to Ramsay

Conger eels are also sustainable, delicious and a huge source of protein that goes to waste for one simple reason, he laments. “No one wants to eat them because they’re so (expletive deleted) ugly!”

In attempt to change public perception, Ramsay catches a conger on hook-and-line, then prepares it for the crowd at a local fish-and-chips shop. While we can’t offer an opinion on the flavor, we can say that a conger eel has never looked better than it did after its transformation into a Ramsay Gordon bouillabaisse. (Warning: Video below contains graphic language.)

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Video: Gordon Ramsay Catches and Cooks World’s Ugliest Sea Creature

  1. I’ve caught and eaten plenty of northern pike that are just as ugly, and probably a lot slimier than that thing. Really? That thing is uglier and gnarlier than a rock or ling cod? Not in my f—ing opinion, Gordon.

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