Video: Massive Tiger Shark Preys on Hammerhead


It’s a shark-eat-shark world out there, and nobody knows that more than a charter captain. Captain William Wall of Pelagic Charters captured this stunning video off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, recently. The footage shows a 13-foot tiger shark circling a hooked 7-foot hammerhead, and then suddenly chomping down on the smaller shark. Tiger sharks are notorious for being opportunistic predators and will readily steal fish off an angler’s line, even other large sharks. This is one good reason why anglers should be extra wary when a shark has been spotted in the area.

“You don’t see this everyday for sure. Tiger shark destroying this hammerhead. Tiger is in excess of 1,000 lbs,” Wall wrote on his Instagram.

Close up footage of the one-sided brawl was recorded by Ryan Wilsea with a GoPro.

“It was an incredible thing to see and catch on film,” Wilsea told National Geographic. “When we got the hit, we first thought it was a another big tuna. But then we saw it was a hammerhead.”

Both sharks were likely attracted to the nearby oil platform, which serves as artificial reef and may be abundant in prey for sharks. Normally tiger sharks don’t go after other sharks, but when a free meal is on the line, nature takes over.

You can watch the video below:

Another angle of the shark brawl:

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