Video: Moose Checks out Trampoline, Declines to Jump


When you buy a trampoline for your kids, all kinds of folks come out of the woodwork wanting to check it out. You may find that your kids suddenly have a plethora of new friends showing up uninvited – or maybe just a moose.

Although moose and trampolines don’t necessarily go together, it is still quite possible that a moose might decide to stop in for a closer inspection. Ideally your children won’t be present at the time, but life isn’t always ideal and sometimes wildlife run-ins happen.

While playing on their trampoline, this group of kids was greeted by a visitor to their yard. They quickly became still when the animal turned to approach them. The moose walked right up close, had a good look, and then departed the area without joining them for a jump.

All children, moose, and trampolines survived this encounter and lived to tell the tale of this interaction. It just goes to show that trampolines are fun, but not suited for everyone.

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