Video: Rare White Humpback Whale Spotted


The ocean has many amazing wonders to behold, one of which is the annual migration of humpback whales. The animal shown in the video below, a rare white humpback whale, was recently spotted off of New South Wales.

In 1985, the first white humpback was seen in this exact area. Finally photographed in 1991, the whale was dubbed Migaloo, which is an Aboriginal term for “white fella.” This whale, which is close to 12 or 13 meters in length, has sun damage on its skin. The whale seen recently, is much smaller and a brighter white.

Migaloo is thought to have offspring, seen for the first time in 2004, which also bears the same white appearance. This younger whale, coming in at around 10 meters, has been called Son of Migaloo. The average person may not be able to distinguish between the two, and there is much debate as to which humpback is actually being seen. However, Trevor Long, Sea World’s Director of Marine Sciences, was able to note variations between the two whales.

The smaller humpback was last seen in 2012. That is until recently, at which time it has since surfaced twice along the Australian Gold Coast. The white whale, which is not necessarily an albino and possibly hypo-pigmented instead, is protected by law so that boats and planes must keep their distance, making a sighting extra rare.

If you are lucky enough to glimpse either of these elusive creatures, count your blessings and admire them from afar.

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