Video: Manny Pacquiao’s Absurd Jetski Handgun Challenge


Fans of legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao may already know that he runs a mean pistol match, but it seems that the champion pugilist is also open to a bit of experimentation. Recently, a video of Pacquiao surfaced where he was attempting to shoot a pistol on a jetski. We’re not sure if it is common practice in the Phillipino USPSA circuit, but Pacquaio ran through it like he was perfectly at home.

It should be noted that Pacquaio, who currently serves as a Senator in the Phillipines, is also one of the more visible sponsors of the USPSA ASIA Pacific Championship. While the 8-division world champion may be more known for his exploits in the ring, Pacquaio has professed a life-long love of firearms and reportedly has a sizable collection. The prize of that collection is customized 1911-style competition pistol made by the Philippine-based Metrillo Gun Corp, featuring an engraving of boxing gloves against digital camo.

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