Video: Sea Lion (or Polar Bear?) Steals Angler’s Catch


Even the most cursory internet search will result in a seemingly unending number of videos that show anglers being relieved of their catches at the last second by all types of predator fish and wild animals—sharks, porpoises, muskellunge, eagles—the list goes on.

But we’ve seen only one that sparked an argument over the identity of the offending critter. The person who posted the clip entitled it “Polar Bear Steals Fish From Fisherman.” Yet, many of those who left comments are convinced the thief is a sea lion.

We see two clues that point in favor of the dissenting commenters. Watch the water’s surface just after the animal turns to depart. The swirl appears to be made by a flipper, not a paw. The second clue? Take a closer look at the moniker of the person who posted the video.

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