It is important to properly outfit yourself for battle. You have to consider your adversary and know what you are up against. You may never truly know of what your opponent is capable, so you have to plan ahead in order to come out on top.

When a New Jersey man found a raccoon hanging out in a bin outside his house, he was quick to spring to action, encouraging the animal to leave. The raccoon was none too pleased with being served this eviction notice but does vacate, hissing in protest all the while. The man whacks a cheap, plastic broom on the deck for emphasis and the raccoon is on his way. That is, until a better idea occurs to the little ball of furry rage.

Suddenly the raccoon returns, aggressively advancing on the man once again. The broom is swung once more and comes apart in pieces, useless in self-defense against a raccoon still in full attack mode. The camera falls and the scene is shrouded in mystery, the outcome unknown.

This, friends, is why you do not bring a broom to a raccoon fight.

Image is screenshot from YouTube video

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Bring a Broom to a Raccoon Fight

  1. Obviously this racoon knew the law in New Jersey . There you are , by law , a victim , or you fight to keep what you have ,and become a criminal .

  2. Dude went for the killing blow with that broom, but missed. Though it doesn’t look like things went well for the raccoon anyway, according to that closed muzzle hitting the deck in the final frames.

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