Former NFL Player Warren Sapp Bitten by Shark


Football players are used to taking hits, but hits by a shark are a little outside of the norm. Warren Sapp, a Hall of Fame defensive tackle, is no stranger to taking a lick on dry land, but now he’s experienced blows in the water as well.

During a lobster fishing excursion in the Florida Keys, Sapp had a run-in with a 4-foot-long shark. Apparently the two did not see eye to eye over which of them would be having lobster for dinner, and this difference of opinion led to Sapp getting some tooth action.

As he looked for lobster during Florida’s mini season, Sapp noticed the shark looming. Immediately he went on the defense much like in his football days, grabbing the shark in an attempt to push him off in another direction. This gesture was not appreciated and the animal, thought by the crew of Two Conchs Charters to be a nurse shark, turned and bit him in the arm.

Sapp is no quitter when it comes to lobster, however, so his arm was taped up and back in the water he went, telling Tampa Bay Online of the bite, “It went past the white meat, up to the gristle.” He also participated in a phone interview on The Rich Eisen Show during which he chuckles through telling his story. He is further commemorating the incident by selling Warren Sapp vs. Vicious Shark t-shirts.

Although no medical care was sought and Sapp will likely have a memorable scar, his love of the water, and lobster, continues.

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