Video: How NOT to Use a Climber Stand


Climber treestands are great for hunting; they’re super portable and allow you to change hunting positions when needed. Let this Facebook video be your lesson though, and be sure to practice with one before you take it out in the woods.

First things first: Be sure to hunt from a tree and not a telephone pole.  Unfortunately, this man had to learn that one the hard way. The other lesson he learned is not to stand too close to the tree (or telephone pole) because the pressure on the platform always needs to be out away from the tree to keep the stand in place. Just as he gets to full draw, you can see his weight shift onto his back leg and the platform gives out from under him. Somehow, as he free falls to the ground, he keeps from firing his arrow straight into the sky. Something tells me he’s just going to stick to hunting on the ground from now on.

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