Hunting is getting a new look as blaze-pink camouflage is beginning to grow more popular. New York recently joined Wisconsin and Colorado in allowing hunters to wear the new-look camouflage in an effort to appeal to women who would rather not wear blaze-orange. Previous New York state law said that hunters must wear 250 square inches of blaze-orange gear. That’s roughly like wearing a hat and vest. Hunters still have to wear that much high-visibility gear, but now they can pick blaze-pink.

Majid Sarmadi, a textile science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said in a Fox 28 News article that blaze-pink is “more visible when everything is turning yellow and orange.” The Jefferson-Lewis chapter of the Quality Deer Management Association said it hopes the law will bring more young hunters into the sport. Jody Garrett, vice president, Jefferson-Lewis chapter of Quality Deer Management Association said, “I think it will encourage more of the young women to get out there and do some hunting, kind of show that there’s girl power.”

The growing popularity of pink camouflage will make it interesting to see how many more states will follow this trend, and also how much pink you see in the woods in the upcoming hunting seasons.

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2 thoughts on “Pink Camo Now Legal for Hunting in Three States

  1. Pink camo is not why women hunt or why new women are deciding to hunt. Please, give us more credit than that. Good lord.

  2. Actually it depends of the type of Pink! In WW2 the British discovered that Current Types of Pink. Like “Plymouth Pink” (Mountbatten Pink) a Greyish Mauve, While Render a Person Virtually Invisible at a Distance. A type of “Dazzle”…

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