Although vehicle owners may run into issues with their cars over the years, the phrase “totaled from the inside” is one few experience. That is, unless you live in bear country and forget to lock your car doors.

When David Meurer glanced out from his home early one morning, he noticed that the windows of his vehicle appeared to be fogged up. At first he wrote it off as humidity, but a closer inspection revealed a young bear to be trapped inside.

The driver’s door was left unlocked, and the exterior handles simply require a gentle pull to open, a task easily accomplished by paw. Thanks in part to gravity and being parked on an incline, the doors tend to close on their own, which is likely how the bear was then closed inside.

Because authorities wouldn’t be able to respond for a couple of hours, the assistance of a neighbor was sought to free the bear. That’s when Kevin John showed up, popped open the door, and then beat some pots and pans to scare away the animal. The interior of the vehicle was then inspected and found to be destroyed.

The Meurers hoped insurance would cover damages, but sadly there is no clause in their policy for bear break-ins, which are instead dubbed an act of God. Even so, David Meurer did seem to be taking in all in stride.

“Does a bear poop in the woods? And I would say no. He poops in Kia Sorentos,” he said, laughing, to Colorado 9 News. “I’m going to make sure my doors are locked from now on because today’s just really been a bear.”

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Video: Bear Break-In Totals SUV

  1. You guys know next to nothing about insurance, and its clear that you are talking through your hat, based on something you might have heard in a barber shop. If he has comprehensive coverage, it’s covered. Let me put it this way. Millions of cars are damaged each year by another “act of God”– hailstorms. It’s a major source of claims costs for the insurance industry. He probably doesn’t have comprehensive coverage–Kia Sorentos aren’t worth insuring for anything other than required liability!

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