Video: Fleeing Lobster Stopped by Epic Catch


Fishing for lobster can be a lot of fun, but success doesn’t always come easy. Sure, the process is predictable to a point, but you must be alert and on top of your game. It is entirely possible that you may lose a lobster long before or even after you get it in the net, unless you happen to have catlike lobster catching reflexes such as the guy in the video below.

Lobsters are fast-moving creatures, and all it takes is the slightest provocation to launch them backwards at a speed of 15 feet per second. Since reverse swimming is done erratically, it can be difficult to ascertain what path they’ll take. This usually means a failed attempt at capture, which is what makes a quick grab by hand so impressive.

To harvest lobster, locate one in a hole, slide your tickle stick in behind it, and give a little tap on the tail. This encourages forward movement at a leisurely pace. After the lobster is free from the hole, slide your net into position and administer a little tap on the head. This will then send the lobster backward right into your net, which must be quickly spun closed. If you don’t get the net closed fast enough, the lobster will shoot right back out.

Although Florida’s mini season recently wrapped, the regular lobster season opens on August 6th. That means there is no time like the present to brush up on your skills and shave off response time to surprise lobster antics.

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