Video: How Bulletproof is Wood?


If you said not very, you would be right on the money. Anybody who has ever shot a board will tell you that wood is about as bulletproof as a wet towel. After all, there’s a reason that nobody carries heavy wooden shields into battle anymore. However, that’s just one board on its own. What about a succession of boards one after another? We have already seen that a few phone books lined cover to cover will stop even a .50 BMG round, so can six 2-inch boards stop a .308 in its tracks? Matt from Demolition Ranch aims to find out.

Using an Armalite AR-10, Matt initially predicts that he will have trouble drilling through all the boards on his first go. Well, it turns out that his bundle of firewood can’t really hold up to the power of the .308, and even after adding an absurd amount of boards to the test, domino-style, Matt discovers that the material holds no real stopping power to speak of.

“Golly, that is insane. Went through that entire stack of wood. Just a regular .308, not an armor-penetrating round or anything,” a flabbergasted Matt exclaimed in the video.

How much wood do you think a .308 can chew through? It might be more than you thought.

Additionally, the first section of the video would make more sense with the knowledge that Matt is a veterinarian when he isn’t conducting ballistic experiments. It just may explain all the cats.

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