Video: T. Rex Was a Heck of a Fly Fisher


Tyrannosaurus rex may have been one of the apex predators of the late Cretaceous period, but we now know that the ancient carnivore was also one heck of a fly fisher—despite its rudimentary forelegs.

This specimen was caught on video, posted on the Fly Lords Facebook page, catching a sizable channel catfish on the long wand. But though the fish appears to weigh only around 10 pound, it took the killer dinosaur to its knees.

This is most likely due to the big animal’s underdeveloped upper body. In fact, we’re guessing that T. Rex could successfully wield only fly rods of 7-weight or lighter. We’re also pretty sure it had to borrow flies from one of its more dexterous cousins as we doubt its shortened forefeet would even reach the vice as the beast sat at the tying bench.

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