Video: Man Uses Flyboard to Put Out Boat Fire


To a boat captain, there’s nothing more dreadfully fearful than even the hint of an onboard fire. But if it weren’t for a pleasure craft on Cross Lake, Minnesota, that began to smolder recently, we would never have seen one of the most unique fire-suppression methods ever devised.

When Paul Gavic spotted the troubled boat from his dock, he called to his sons Jesse and Caleb to lend assistance. Together the three men own Skyhigh Flyboards, which sells the recreational products. A flyboard uses the power of a personal watercraft to direct a water stream that can propel the user up to 50 feet in the air.

Jesse, who with Caleb is a world-class flyboard competitor, strapped on his gear and used the board’s “exhaust water” to douse the boat.

The procedure took about two minutes, they reported to WCCO-TV.

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