Video: Echo Trigger System is Legal and Faster Than Full Auto


If you’re as big of a gear head as I am, you love to have all the new nifty gadgets available to switch out and play around with. This video is sure to feed your fire as you get a look at the new Fostech Echo trigger system for the AR 15. This system is different than anything else previously on the market.

What’s really cool is what happens when you pull the trigger. Unlike other guns, the Echo fires when you pull the trigger AND when you release it. This new system also makes it nearly impossible for the gun to malfunction. There’s an important distinction with this as well, which the ATF has issued a letter making it considered not a machine gun.

The magic behind this trigger kit is a little mechanism inside the gun that allows the hammer to fall after the trigger has been pulled, then firing another round on the release. You could easily spend an entire day on the range with one of these and you’ll see in the video he shoots nearly 1000 rounds. Currently, Fostech is estimating these will begin shipping sometime this fall. You can also check-out Fostech Outdoors for more information.

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