Concealed Carry Law Now in Effect at All Public Texas Universities


Concealed carry on campus’ is currently allowed in 10 states. It’s a movement that is being talked about more and more in wake of the recent tragedies like Virginia Tech.

On Monday, August 1, Texas’ new campus carry law goes into effect, and license holders will generally be allowed to carry concealed handguns at UT Austin and other public universities. The Campus Carry website includes the university policy and many FAQs that detail the policies and important points.

It’s not just the students who are carrying, many staff members, including teachers are now licensed to concealed carry.

In Claude, Texas, Claude Independent School District gives visitors a direct warning with a newly placed sign that reads in big red print: “ATTENTION: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE STAFF AT CLAUDE ISD IS ARMED AND MAY USE WHATEVER FORCE NECESSARY TO PROTECT OUR STUDENTS.”

Superintendent Jeff Byrd says “Any employee at Claude ISD, any teacher, I feel firmly they would give their life to save a child. Our job is to make sure the kids are safe, that they are comfortable and secure.”

Byrd says the sign is not meant to be a threat but to be proactive, and he compares it to ‘Beware of Dog’ and home security signs. “Statistics will show that most of the shootings that have occurred in public schools have been what of a copycat situation,” Byrd said. The goal of the perpetrators is to out-do the last shooting and statistics have shown people with warning signs are being proactive and preventative, the only reason the sign is there is to prevent somebody from coming in.”

 “if there were a perpetrator that entered the building we would be able to hold off the building until the professionals got here,” Byrd said


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