Jesse James, the famous heavily-tattooed motorcycle mad-man, moved to Texas not too long ago and got into the business of building custom pistols and rifles as Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.

It was recently announced that James had entered into a partnership with the National Rifle Association to create a line of apparel touting the NRA brand. It should be available to the public later this summer.

Image: Instagram / Popeofwelding
Image: Instagram / Popeofwelding

If you’re familiar with what James does to motorcycles, he is now adding that same custom, rugged touch to firearms. James applied his metalworking skills to guns and it seems to have paid off. He picked a great state to branch out into guns obviously.


Image: Instagram / Popeofwelding

James has already been selling a line of gear for his Jesse James Firearms Unlimited brand. The new NRA apparel appears to fall in line with that brand, and should appeal to those devotees of his West Coast Choppers brand.

“I am a lifetime NRA member. I am very proud to have this partnership with an organization with such deep Americana roots,” James said in a statement about the clothing line.

James hasn’t completely stopped making custom choppers, as you can see on his official Instagram page. He is cooking up some sweet-looking firearms though, so you can expect his new clothing line to follow suit.

Images from Popeofwelding Instagram

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52 thoughts on “Jesse James and NRA Team-Up for Clothing Line

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      1. You should think about what you’re saying, this guy might do a good job at reworking metal, but his character is no better then Clintons. He is pretty famous himself for cheating and lying.

      2. Let the one without sin, cast the first stone! We all have our faults, few people have such talent, I agree that Jesse is a hard person to like, but we need more people with an audience, to support the NRA, and our 2nd Amendment!

      3. Don’t insult the man so harshly! Comparing him to Clinton is too harsh and I’m guessing you don’t personally know that man, and he may not be as bad as you think!

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        BTW, what does my dislike of James, the crap he has built (and now wants to sell us) and his sociopathic personality got to do with anyone’s politics?

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      Why would I be jealous of a man who has screwed up a couple of marriages, (one to a most wonderful actress), built ugly and unridable bikes and gone bankrupt in the process?

      And, what has any of this got to do with not being impressed that he now has a “clothing line”? OOhh look – t-shirts!

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