Here’s something to get you through your day: videos of a guy dancing on dead whales. Yes, you read that correctly.

The first video starts with a man doing the worm (my personal favorite) along the under belly of a huge humpback whale. Then, one of his whaler buddies joins the dance party and they bust-a-move in what is sure to be the weirdest video you’ll see today.

This dance party doesn’t stop there, however. The whale dancer returns and is seen again, cutting it up on another huge humpback whale. So many questions come to mind, such as what possesses you to think it’s a good idea to hop up on a dead, smelly whale and dance around on it?

These videos were posted by Krimson, the up-and-coming huntress who is not just an amazing hunter, but a talented musician and songwriter; you may recognize her name from a recent interview with Outdoor Hub. The aforementioned blubber dancer is likely her brother – who is a commercial fisherman in Kodiak, Alaska. Follow Krimson on Facebook and visit her website to hear more songs and check out some of her harvested wild game.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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2 thoughts on “Video: Bizarre Dance Party on Dead Whales

  1. Yeah, what is the point? Especially since while you’re busting a move, you could bust through the belly and find yourself over your head in putrid blubber and whale guts.

  2. So when do we get to see Maribou storks dancing on the corpse of a dead elephant poacher ! KEERIMINIES ! Whoever o.k.’d this for Outdoor Hub is a jerk ! When you consider the attitude toward killing whales held , very adamantly , by so many , the collateral damage to sport hunting ,and fishing offsets so much work we have put into educating the non-hunters and non-fishing people . What an unbelievable gaffe !

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